About Morea Pronoia

This blog is dedicated to events that took place in ‘medieval’ Morea and the surrounding area during the historic period which starts with the Frankish conquest of Constantinople in 1204 and finishes with the Ottoman conquest of the Morea in 1460. It is a rather obscure period and largely unknown to the Greek public. Ruined castles, towers and a few ‘Frankish’ churches and monasteries are the forgotten and silent witnesses of events long forgotten by the official Greek historic context. One of the most ambitious goals of this blog is to concentrate information on, and to map (with the use of Google earth) the archaelogical remnants especially castles and towers of this historic period based on sources and literature. Furthermore we will try to understand and portray the changing perceptions and beliefs of the populations of the Morea during this fascinating and constantly in-motion historic period. Comments, suggestions and corrections are more than welcome and will be much appreciated.


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